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Welcome to Iron Horse Training Equipment. Please note that we are currently in the process of redesigning our industrial trainers and our website to reflect our new products. Please contact us to request information about any of our training equipment that interests you. We apologize for any inconvenience this update process may cause.

New For 2016: Briefcase Trainers

Electrical Controls Briefcase TrainerCheck out the first in the line of Iron Horse Training Equipment's Briefcase Trainers, our Electrical Controls Briefcase Trainer, here!

Iron Horse Training Equipment is proud to offer a full line of industrial training equipment, books, and supplies to industrial and maintenance professionals.  Each piece of industrial training equipment has been researched and designed with the maintenance mechanic in mind.

Our commitment is to provide the best training equipment value available to meet the needs of industrial or maintenance training instructors and students in academic, industrial, maintenance or government training programs. Each piece of training equipment allows for a broad range of exercises relating to industrial applications and processes, and includes training workbooks that contain component identification, safe operational practices, and a variety of task specific exercises that can be incorporated into your training program.

Iron Horse Industrial Training Equipment
Iron Horse Equipment:
Built For The Long Haul!

We construct industrial training equipment with individual component modules which allow you to select only the modules that fit within your training goals and make the greatest impact with your training budget. Iron Horse’s staff is here to assist you in planning and selecting equipment to be used in your training program. We can also train your instructors to present the technology in the most effective manner .



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